Friday, September 9, 2011

The Fear of Failure

I bid goodbye to formal education almost ten years ago.Though I took up teaching as a profession,I however,remained alienated to the regular process of memory tests namely examinations.But not for long.The profession of my husband has been such that in the seven years of our married life,we have been inundated with exams,score cards and the like.At this hour when I sit down to pen my thoughts,my husband sits in another corner of the country,trying to work at his memory skills at an age of 31 years.It is rather surprising that at a time when the CBSE too is taking a step forward to disband the rote method of learning,a leading organization continues to give credits for the ability to memorize facts rather than to the ability to apply knowledge.With due apologies,I understand that I am ill equipped to speak on the subject,knowing my very own husband's passionate stand in the case.Therefore,to avoid many a raised brows,I digress from the topic,and come to the idea behind this piece of writing.
As I already mentioned I have seen many examinations in the past seven years.And that brings me to my point-the fear of failure.Of all  the problems that cloud the human mind in the turbulent times of today,I feel it is the fear of failure (a term I borrow from my husband),that is the most disturbing.
The desire for success reigns supreme in the minds of men.While there are still many who fight to make both ends meet,a lot of us get up each morning dreaming of bigger successes in life.While I maintain that it is wonderful to dream and even better if you can realize them all ,its absolutely fine not to be able to meet targets sometimes.Even if that means not being able to meet the rising expectations of peers or of your times.Yes,it's important to accept failure.Only then can we overcome it.Why,I remember failing in an important subject and taking it so seriously that I simply gave it up for the rest of my life-a subject that my sister thought was so challenging ! On another occasion a close associate refused to take phone calls for months together after failing an exam while another refused to take the plunge from the fear of facing a world insensitive to failure.There are several other cases-of those who toil in closed rooms but are scared to admit the same due to the "what if" factor.Yes,what if I fail???
The dilemmas,the vacillations are all understood but what we need to tell ourselves is thatsitting back due to the fear of failure would have kept us all from many path breaking inventions and stupendous records.Its important to judge yourself  as you know yourself and not as others see you.I wonder if Incy Wincy,the diligent spider had known of the prying eyes watching it,would it have given up on all the effort because it was being labelled futile?
Life,they say,is a series of tests that we must pass each day.I feel,we only burden ourselves by adding on to the ones already planned by God for us.Nonetheless,the quest should go on with a hope to receive the best but with the courage to face the worst.The fear of failure needs to be overcome with the valour of the mind-for that is where our victory lies.

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  1. "Education means intellectual sharpening, retaining of innocence and spiritual upliftment."
    I feel we all should admire and do regular spiritual vedic chanting and meditation to overcome all fear of failures of life, mind and physical level.
    In the rush of our daily lives, we forget that Divinity is within us. Let us all take this sankalpa - Remembering again and again that the Divine music is within us, my family and I take this commitment that people all over the world should stay happy and we too..........