Monday, November 14, 2011

Looking for Time!

It's been thirty two years and I still have not found time.Well,if not thirty two,it's been at least twenty years and I'm still looking for this agile son of a magician who keeps doing some disappearing acts himself!I remember while at school,I loved to dance.I can even recall having joined some classical dance classes.But not for long!You see,I never found time for them.My schedule,even as a schoolgirl,was so packed,that time always evaded me.

So I put the dance classes somewhere at the back of my mind and decided to get back to them when I would find this incorrigible monster.However,the hunt was never easy.While at my graduation I spent hours reading Marx,Kamala Das, Austen and the complexities of the wars that split nations-not to mention the "stressful" sittings in the college canteen discussing friends,politics,movies and foes---all in a single breath!Although long sessions of gossip and fun certainly were not time consuming,I still failed to return to the performing art that ruled over my heart and dent me faint reminders...
"Hello!Are we still friends?"
Somehow,I never found,yes you guessed it right-the master of all mankind-and so I could never take those calls.

From college to the free will days of my PG.With love for poetry becoming resurgent in those days of vibrant  literature classes,lazy hours spent spinning tales or simply talking of moonwalk,who had the seriousness to grab time by its tail and scream out loud,"Hey!Wait you impostor!My dance classes are still undone."

And so goes the cliche ---time flies.It did.When I took the plunge and decided to earn my bread,needless to say,my work took its toll on me.Post wedding,there was never time to look back.Being a mother to two or could I say three children,leaves me with a few minutes to myself each day.The mind boggling demands of my son's school coupled with the social commitments of my husband's work along with a toddler craving for attention all the time....I hardly find a few hours in months together to catch up with near and dear ones.As for the dance classes-well I guess the gestation period is yet not over!I'm still looking for time.  

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Agony of War

The shadow of Kalinga lingers on.
Crippled bodies
lie in unknown battlefields.
Neighbours and companions 
lost in time 
Empathy turns to prying eyes!

Pain and hunger,
The Earth in peril.
Killed in war?
The Nation's immortal sons
with their mortal remains long forgotten!

She weeps silent tears
and counts the lines of vanity
on a vain human visage.
The egoist,the egotist-
bask in the glory of
futile human battles.

To nothingness we fall prey
We win pieces of land
and lose ourselves this way.
The day draws near when
disaster struck shall we see 
only her stand strong.....
She is the Agony of War.