Thursday, February 16, 2012

To a Sleepy Town

My sojourn in Shimla was perhaps one of the most beautiful phases of my life.I call it "a sojourn" because no matter how many days or years I spent in this hometown of mine,they will never seem enough.Simply because Shimla is synonymous with beauty.And as I make this statement here,I have no qualms in admitting that I truly believe that it is the Queen of Hills.I rest aside  all arguments about the new cemented structures or of overcrowded lanes.Such ideas can never overpower the love of a true Shimla-ite for his town.For all those who have taken the drive up the Shivalik,will agree that you instantly become friends with the mountains and the effervescent terrain.Whether its the luscious green on the hill tops or the tinge of fresh air or the breath taking first view of the town-Shimla with her open arms is always ready to ambrace you.

The irony here is that you only see her beauty when she is long lost.Way back in 1997 ,I was one of the many who coined the term "sleepy town" and instantly the nomenclature was done.Thats how Shimla was referred to as by me and many others-some of who still feel that its snail speed can never match the supersonic pace of metro India.So with such feelings I ventured out more than a decade ago,only to be back for brief periods.However, my short but frequent visits,never made me crave for the place the way I do today.

With time and changes in life my random visits were turned to "few" and then to "hardly".Oh!the vagaries of my "packed food" life.Strange,but do I long to dream on in the lap of my sleepy town.Only for a walk up the hill,only for pacing up and down the incorrigible Town Hall,only for a sip of hot coffee at the haggard Coffee House,only for a glimpse of the grey and red school building,only for the icy cold winds and only for those clever apes on the Jakhoo road- I do long for only these.

Yes, this little round the hill town grows on you.And I'm not the only one.This nostalgia is infectious.It gets to all those who have detested being here at one point of time.Here,I cite the example of my younger sibling who I made, perforce ,to stay in Shimla for her graduation.How was I cursed for this decision of mine for four long years.Today,sitting in another corner of the country,trying to cope with difficult life styles,the same girl tells me how she feels that there can be not any better place.Such is the charisma of Shimla.

On a closing note,all I can say is ,its easy to say goodbye to the Queen of Hills,but its not easy to let go off her.Or,if I may say,she never lets you get her off your mind.For I'm sure when the hubbub of city life makes you wish for quiet and peace,you definitely don't mind this sleepy town.

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  1. what ever you have mentioned about Shimla is true ...I have the same nostalgic feelings about Shimla.